Friday, March 29, 2013

Kitty's Analogy

Update Below...
   There are times when Kitty and I use our cuddle time to discuss things on her mind... for instant, her comparison of man and feline...her fave. Listen in...


"Mummy, I heard TV say...'It has been said of man...they're the most dangerous animal on the planet.' " 

Me: "Yeah, and your point is?"...

Kitty: "Well...obviously they have never met an angry cat!" 

Me: "How astute my Pet!"...

   Miss Kitty Here: Thank you for asking: Yes, Mummy made a mini-meat-loaf just only for Miss Kitty. My woofie sisters Lovey & Amanda got steak. 
  Mummy only give us this treat once-every-blue-moon, but me want it every day!! She says red meat not good for her babies, but I beg to's her know!!   MOL!!


  1. We may have sharp claws but at least we don't shoot each other.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Thank you for your kind words on the passing of our dear boy Eric. The messages of condolence from so many are helping us a lot.

  3. Miss Kitty you are so wise.

  4. Oh yes, wise indeed! I still think meatloaf sounds mighty fine any old time!

  5. Thank you for the nice comment Miss Kitty
    I can see Laurence play violin on videos
    ( )
    Happy Holidays Easter

  6. Miss Kitty,
    We just finished watching Lion King two,. Big cats sure have some angry growls.

  7. Oh yeah...when we get angry...LOOK OUT!! :)

  8. I have never met a Human food I approve of, but I do not believe anyone has ever offered me "meatloaf"? Can you tell me, Is it tasty?

    An angry kitty is a frightening beast indeed, but we don't has guns and bombs and stuffs.

  9. we don't see why you shouldn't have meatloaf on demand either, Miss Kitty ;) We're carnivores after all...and your mom wouldn't want you to get angry...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie


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