Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Saturday Everyone...

Hello Friends, How are you today? We are experiencing a cold day 38 degrees now, with very high NW winds.

   So, needless to say, we will spend the day inside where it is warm and toasty. Miss Kitty enjoyed her visit with Granny so much the other day...she is back with her for the weekend!

I can't believe how quiet it is without her. Lovey and Amanda have really enjoyed their time since Mum picked her up on Friday eve.
  James and I will be taking this weekend off to visit with friends and we will be back to blogging next week. We're wishing you a Fabulous Weekend... and hope you are enjoying your time with family and friends! Until then...

Warmest Regards,


  1. We hopes Miss Kitty has a great weekend with Grandma...does she get spoiled? MOL.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. We think it's great that Miss Kitty has her Grandma so close! See you on Monday!

  3. Sounds like Miss Kitty is vying for a new home. Have a great weekend. I flew into Buffalo today, so 38 seems a little warm.

  4. Your weather sounds the same as we had today. You all have a terrific weekend. Stay nice and warm. Hugs and nose kisses


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