Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Good  Evening Friends,

  Here's hoping all of you are well. I know the weather on the east coast has been horrific...
please know you all have been in our thoughts and Prayers.

We are all doing as well as can be expected but what I am so Thankful For This Day is... all of the arrangements have been taken care of! 
  People in the community have been so very generous... what an overwhelming feeling of Joy & Contentment we have! In this small town our family is well known by all, and that in itself made the greatest difference. They came in groups with their arms and hands filled pocketbooks and wallets opened. 
  I cried as they reminded us of the things we'd done to help them and how our Dad was the most generous man they'd known. You tend to forget about deeds done, at least I do. 
 They mentioned how this now is the opportunity for them to pay in kind. How Blessed this family is, and how our Dad is still remembered after his death over 30 years for his kindness and generosity!  
 I would like to take this opportunity to Thank All of You for your words of kindness and encouragement, and how you expressed them in a way that brought solace and gratitude to us at our time of need. I will always remember each and every one of you... 

  With tears of Gratitude & Appreciation I Thank You from the bottom of my heart... 

With Warmest Regards,
Loretta & Family 


  1. Glad that there is some light at this dark time. Sending hugs.

  2. I am very glad to hear that all your friends, neighbours and the whole community have come together to help and support you and your family at this terrible time. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I was not able to leave a comment on the post a few days ago. Our hearts are with you in your loss. So glad your community has reached out to your family.

  4. You're welcome,be well all of you we still keep you in our thoughts and prayers,xx Rachel and Speedy

  5. May God continue to give you and your family strength during this very difficult time; we are happy to learn you have the support of friends, neighbors and the community standing by you now as well. XXXOOO

  6. Sometimes kindness shows itself in unexpected ways. We're glad it happened for you and your family. Peace to you.

  7. What a beautiful post. Your Dad left such an amazing legacy, and that is a lovely thing. You are always in our thoughts, purrs and prayers.

  8. Hugs from all of us. We have been thinking of you.

  9. Hugs and purrs.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (& Mom Eileen)

  10. We have been thinking of you all. Take care.
    Luv Hannah, Lucy and Mum Sue xx xx xx

  11. We're so glad that people are showing you the kindness and decency you deserve. Nothing makes this situation "better", but it does help.

  12. I am so glad you are being upheld by the love and support of your community! That is wonderful! Have been thinking of you very much! xox


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