Sunday, February 16, 2014

Have A Joyful Easy Sunday

Good Morning... 
I'm sorry this may be a long post as I've had lately... I trust you will understand and read between the lines as to the heartlessness we are faced with...

 I don't know where to was a week yesterday when this tragedy happened but it is still bitterly raw in my heart. I think if I can just get the images out of my mind's eye and the realization from within, I would be able to function so much better. 
 I've had to endure so much lately but, I know time and Prayer heals all. Dealing with my daughter and granddaughter has proven to be the biggest challenge. Willie's remains are being cremated since the fire was so consuming and the Memorial is scheduled this coming Saturday because his family had to make arrangements to be here from Florida. 

 We learned the fire started in the kitchen from the was said he was cooking. They thought he was still in the kitchen but was found in the den. From there it has been all speculation. 

  What I can now tell you is... they were living in my Mom's home that she'd given to me, and my belongings were still there... everything important! 
James and I downsized into a home in the city and we planned to keep the country home for those in the family who came to visit. It was an ideal arrangement and the family was so happy with it daughter didn't have anywhere to live. 

 Reluctantly, we opened the doors to this home until they made arrangements...this was three years ago. Now...
  Material things is how I view the lost and I think God we had insurance. I just don't know what will happen to them without saying too much or being over critical. 

 Why is it when things happen you see the raw ugliness and greedy side of people? This is what's tearing my heart out and it hurts more than anything that has happened! 
  I'm so sorry, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask for your prayers once get through what we will be faced with in the future... seemingly, legal & court!

The girls are certainly enjoying their easy Sunday and hope you are too! 

They send their Purrs to all of you...


  1. You are in our prayers. Sadly situations like this often bring out both the best and worst in people.

  2. We keep you in our prayers and thoughts,so very sad,xx Rachel and Speedy

  3. Hugs, love, purrs and prayers to you. We have been thinking of you and all you're going through right now.

  4. We are sending positive thoughts and many prayers too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  5. Keeping you in our prayers and the Whiskeratti is correct situations like the one you are facing do bring out the best/worst in some. ((hugs))

  6. I'm so sorry for your losses, both the physical and emotional. Please know you are in my thoughts, and I'm hoping those who are causing you pain will relent.

  7. Please NEVER feel bad for asking for prayers.If you need them, we'll say them and God will hear them.
    Jane x

  8. Sounds like a terrible situation being made worse. Sending prayers and hugs.

  9. Sending you hugs and prayers and purrs and hopes that things settle quickly and that people come together not be torn apart. We pray you have peace in the midst of everything you're dealing with.

  10. What a terrible situation. It seems like situations like these really do bring out parts of people you wouldn't see otherwise -- and that you never wanted to see. We're thinking of you as you navigate this unpleasant minefield.

  11. I have had you in my thoughts much lately. When my grandfather died it was pretty ugly--two of my Aunts actually has a fist-fight. I don't understand it at all, either. My wish is that you can keep an even keel through this storm. xx Trish

  12. Nothing like a life crisis to bring out the worst in some people. I've seen it time and again. That being said, we will keep you in our thoughts and purrayers during this difficult time.
    ((Hugs)) from all of us at Angel Prancer Pie.

  13. I am sorry that everything has turned so bad and send love and prayers to you.

  14. Oh, Loretta, we are so sorry that things are such a mess. Please know that you are in our thoughts, purrs and prayers, dear friend.

  15. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. Chère Loretta, mes pensées pour vous, en ces moments difficiles.


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