Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Am Finally Back...

  Miss Kitty and the girls have been frantic because I haven't posted in a while. I'd like to apologize, I have been having trouble with my blog!

                                                           While not having to much to do I cooked

a nice Southern Dinner for James. The girls also have chicken livers cooked in a tasty sauce that they absolutely love. So, I guess we will be eating good tonight, huh?

I'm sorry I got off course... well, I couldn't get anything on my dashboard to work...I couldn't moderate your comments, post or anything. I've spent the day doing all kinds of thing and then, I thought about changing my browser. I did so and with some more hear-n-there things...I found my way back!! Let's hope I'm okay now...

I want to thank all of you for your comforting words after my ordeal. I think that was the most disturbing incident I've ever witnessed...I still shudder when I think about it, not to mention seeing it over and over in my minds eye! I know Prayer and time heals...

It is raining and cold here, they are saying we will have ice and snow this week, again...
Hope you all are well and taking care of yourselves...don't let that ole' flu bug settle in!

Hugs & Purrs To All... 


  1. Welcome back! And is that fried chicken I see? Biscuits? Oh my. The purrrfect meal.

    ** that other thing.... we hope it goes away quickly for you.

  2. Hi Miss Kitty
    Oh dear do we know what you mean. We were able to get to our blog but a lot of the functions like scrolling were not functioning. sometimes blogger can be a booger.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. bonne idée quand cela ne fonctionne pas d'essayer avec un autre navigateur, on fait ça aussi.
    ronrons d'Opale et SOnye

  4. Purring for you that no flu bug settles in - our mom had the stomach version last week and it was NO FUN. Our "rain" has so far been 10 inches of snow - and it's still coming down! UGH.

  5. Well we sure are glad yo u are back!!!

  6. Good for you for figuring it out on your own. I blew up my computer a week or so ago and had to get my son to make the necessary fixes.

    Supper looks very yummy but liver doesn't appeal!

  7. Hooray! Welcome back!

    We are sending purrs and prayers that you will be able to not see that incident happen in your mind. Hugs to you.


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