Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thankful Thursday...

                                    On a clear very hot summer day in August 2013-click on

  I just wanted to tell you Kitty & I so appreciate of and Love each and every one of you! Just a short post...I took this pic to show you how pretty the day is here. However, it is so 9 AM it was near 90 degrees! We are under an excessive heat advisory...the temp will soar to 100 near noon with HX at 105 + degrees today!!! 
  Kitty & I have the AC, ceiling fans and later, fans going to keep cool. We are so thankful for these conveniences, but are mindful of those who do not. That is why our doors are open to our elderly neighbors who are in need. We Pray the Lord will Bless our efforts... 
Leave us a comment to tell us about your weather today...
Can you assist others too?  


  1. Great that you have AC and can get a nice temperature indoors.
    It is tough with the heat you have to put up with.
    We are thinking of you!

    /Julia, Smulan and Amanda

  2. That is far too hot! We were melting when we reached the high 80s two weeks ago, but now we are back to our normal mid 60s and too much rain.

  3. Our weather is hot and humid all year round so we pretty much learn to deal with it. :)

  4. That is a very pretty picture. I hope you aremdoing okay, we think about you lots. Hugs.

  5. Here it was raining all day yesterday so gone are the 90F we had the past week :)

  6. it's a nice temperature here. Keep cool.

  7. That is VERY hot!! Couldn't bear that to be honest! Today it is about 18C that's mid 60s in F. Just right! It is great you have A/C though xox

  8. Hallo, Loretta and Kitty! We just noticed you joined our followers!
    We are so happy to know you. We love making new furr-iends.

    Trixie, Caspurr and Shimona (Mummy)

  9. It must be just awful having to deal with the humidity...the heat is bad enough. We've been cooler than average this past week, but it's starting to warm up again.

  10. Hello lovely Kitty and mum! We are so glad you are comfortable in the heat! The weather here is not to hot now but it's still warm enough to feel like summer! We hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend! Take care

  11. Lots of kisses and enjoy september

  12. Thanks for visiting us! <3. Sorry for not visiting you for a wile. Take care.Nosbuff


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