Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kitty & My Eye Appointments

 Hello Everyone,
  Daun here posting today to update you...Miss Kitty finally got over her temper tantrum...she was so upset with mom. She has been a bit aloof and now spending her time sleeping on her window perch.
  Mom is coping with her situation however, she didn't get a good report from doc yesterday. The results from her appt. with the specialist did not show any change in her eye. The first time it happened she had her sight back, corrected on its own, in two weeks.
  Unfortunately, it will not happen this time. With her being diabetic it could very well stay in this condition. She's doing well with learning how to recognize which item is the real one (her right eye, trying to explain for you to get an idea of what I'm saying) doesn't move at all, this causes her to see everything double in that eye. Her being able to adjust so quickly is very good according to all her doctors. 
  I am so proud of her because she always adjust endures  anything that happens to her and remains happy and upbeat! You will never know she's going through health problems unless you just know it.
  They have told her to limit her use of her sight to only necessary daily usage. The compute is not one of those usage so, I will be taking care of this, but she will be here to tell me what she wants done. 
    I will set a time in my schedule so I can visit you (I've started back to work and school is not dismissed until late afternoon.) We will let you know what we plan to do but in the meantime, Mom sends her love and thanks to you for your kind words and understanding. We will return soon...

Have a Nice Thursday,


  1. Keeping your Mom and Miss Kitty in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Purrs to your mom, for her eye, that it does improve.

  3. Sending purrs and pawsitive thoughts to your Mom. XOXOXO

  4. Send lot´s and lot´s of (((purrs))) to you mom.

  5. Thanks for blogging for your Mom, Daun. We're purring that your Mom's eye improves!

  6. Purrs for Mom, we hopes things improve!

    Thank you Dawn for taking care of Mom, Miss Kitty, and keeping us all up to date.

    Sasha, Sami, Saku & Mom Eileen

  7. Dear Loretta, You are a strong woman. God has given you grace and poise.
    I am sorry for what you are quietly going through and keep you in my prayers.
    Blessings dear Loretta and a hug, Catherine xo

  8. Sending purrs and hugs. Hope your Mom's eyes improve. :)

  9. That must be so frustrating for Loretta! :( Sending good thoughts and purraying for a miracle, Caro and Austin xx

  10. Keeping you all in my prayers.

  11. We are sorry to hear this and send purrs and good thoughts for an improvement. Thank you for giving us an update.

  12. Eye problems are very scary. Dads Sisfur had a clot in her eye last year and lost some vision in the center portion of one eye. Dad is a RN and drove her to a big eye hospital.
    She has adjusted and I am so glad you have a good spirit about this.
    We are Purring for you!
    Love Timmy and Family


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