Sunday, August 11, 2013

Easy Like...

Good Sunday Afternoon To You... 
  What else can we do in this smothering heat? Kitty, Lovey & Amanda are lying in front of two fans and drinking so much water I told them they were going to burst!

 Really, 103 is a bit cooler than other days before but, it is still very hot here in Louisiana! It's hotter than a cowpoke's branding iron!! It has rained all around us in every direction (no rain since June). Hopefully, the system they are forecasting next week will reach us with rain, especially if this dreaded high pressure system will move away! 

Really, we are okay especially having our AC and fans...
  I am about the same with my sight however, I've learned how picking out one of the three things I'm seeing (because I'm seeing double), is helping me to function enough so I can do things for myself! 
 Hey, a girl has to do what she has to, right? Lol! So, I'm not staying on the computer too long, just wanted to say hello and get in touch!

Thanks so much for all your support and kind to yourself...importantly, to your neighbors!

 Loretta & The Gang


  1. Here it has been thunderstorms yesterday so now here is only 65F.
    Hope you will get some rain to soon and that your eyes will get better !

  2. bonjour Miss Kitty et Loretta
    ronrons d'Opale et Sonye

  3. Good to hear from you! We hope you have a break in that heat soon. That's awful!

    Happy Sunday!

  4. Howdy dear friends! I sure hope some cool finds you soon, at least for a little while.

  5. Good to hear you're finding ways to manage, though I certainly hope your sight improves soon!

    Yikes 103...we're at 80 today and I'm finding it uncomfortable. Of course we've barely hit 70 the past couple of weeks. I hope some of the cool air reaches you.

    Take care!

  6. Dearest Loretta, The Good Lord has blessed you with faith and a kind and gentle way.
    Your spirit and faith are inspiring and give me strength and courage.
    I promise to keep you in my prayers.
    Blessings dear friend and a hug. Catherine xo

  7. Take it easy, Loretta. I can't believe the heat!! xox


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