Monday, July 22, 2013


Update On Mom's eye problems:
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Hello, I am Loretta's daughter Daun Yozette. Mom is resting now after a day at Doc's office. Diabetes was found and there is nerve damage in the right eye...she's had this problem before and it is called, I think I'm right...5th nerve palsy, she sees double from her right eye! 

  She was given drops for this and dry eyes. She will also have to apply warm compresses and rest. That means off the computer...She spends hour on this computer every day
Loves blogging about Miss Kitty!

If time permits  I'll stop by and post something this week when I get some time off from work. She sends her love and says she's sorry she can't be with you now!

Thanks for visiting us,
Miss Kitty & Daun


  1. Thanks for letting us know - hope your Mom feels better very soon!

  2. Thanks for the update...tell your Mom we'll be here when she (and Miss Kitty) return!

  3. Thanks so much for the update, we've been worried.

  4. Hope your Mum fells better real soon.

  5. Keeping her in our purrs and prayers.

  6. Oh! Please give Loretta our love and Austin send megapurrs for a quick recovery. Tell her to rest up! xx

  7. Purrs to your mom for healing of her eye. Blogging is fun, but her eyesight is far more important, obviously!

  8. Thanks for updating everybody, Daun! The sight loss must be very worrisome to you and to your mother. We hope that it's reversible. I'm sure that everybody in the blogosphere wishes her well.

  9. I hope the sight problems can be resolved easily with medication and rest.

    All the best! Hope to see you soon.

    (Take care of Mom, Miss Kitty. We knows she will lub your snuggles. Sasha, Sami, & Saku)

  10. Sorry to hear that Loretta is sick.
    We wish her to improve and get well as soon as possible!



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