Friday, July 12, 2013


"Hey Kitty, Mum is outside talking to cats again!" Mandy said teasingly. She knows well how to get Kitty's dander up.

Kitty: "Shut up don't know that doggie breath!"
Mandy: "Oh yeah...come listen pus!"

Kitty was in the bathroom having a drink from the faucet. She streaked out and headed for the screen door saying...
 " lie Mandy...mum wouldn't do that to me..."

"Or, would she...yes, she's feeding that cat and talking to it how could she do that! Ohhhh...I'm too darn trusting...that traitor!"

Oh no...what will Kitty do now, will there be pay back...knowing Kitty, she is already plotting...let's just hope her jealousy doesn't get her in deep trouble! She will choose her moment and hit when no one expects it...that's 
Miss Kitty...


  1. Our peeps talk to other critters all the time sweetie, it's good for everyone!

  2. How about you just throw a house trashing pawty instead? Efurrybody loves those! Of course, a well-positioned hairball is a classic, too...

  3. Have your mom been out and fed and talked to another cat ??!!
    If I where you I´d wommit in her shoe :)

  4. *takes cover as doesn't want to be caught in the fallout* ;)

  5. Dear Loretta, You have been in my thoughts. I have been trying to catch up with my visits. It was so great to hear from you. I hope all is well with you.
    This post was adorable.

    Blessings and stay well my dearest. Catherine xo

  6. Oh No, not feeding another cat. That is very very norty of the Mom. You need to get a little bit of revenge. But we know she loves you the very best. Take care.


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