Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Hello All My Furriends, 
This will be my first post on, "Thankful Thursday." I finally convinced that stubborn woman to follow not this the norm in everyday living, I ask you? I digress...

I want you to know, I sass and I get potty-mouth sometimes, but...I love that old stubborn gray-headed woman I call Mummy! When I was thrown out on the street one very hot day she took me in. ..she love me, feed me good, (especially good meatloaf), and take care of all my needs. I know I make her mad sometime, but she never show it...her just say, her loves me too much! 

  I not worry 'bout nothing because her take care and protect me. When I lay down and you see me like this...I try to think hard. What would have happened to me if Mummy not take me! Sometime my eyes get all misty wet...I can not say the words... 

 Her see me do this and her ask, Kitty sweetie, what are you thinking about? I just git sad, but her cuddle and love me and everything gets right just like that, her make it right...I no worry no more because my Mummy is here to love me! Her so special! I try not to take advantage but, sometimes I can not help it...after all, I am a cat don't you know! I so happy for my nice home and I can do a lot (and get away with it), eh...I mean, and her lets me!

My life is easy and i cared for. I eat, nap, play, groom myself, although she brush me too much, sheez...but who's complaining...not me!

Is this what a pampered pet life is? If so, I want you to know... I'm in pet heaven! And, you know what...that old grayheaded man who doesn't say much and leaves in his truck when Mum calls not too shabby either! He tries to be macho-man, but I know....yeah I know he cares...a lot too!! Him cuddles me and give me tummy rub when Mum is not in room!

Yeah, looking around, I have a lot to be thankful for, and believe me furriends...I am so very grateful/thankful for my loving family...Oh, and I have sisters and brother peeps you don't even know about...they love me too! I will introduce them to you later...

As I sit and watch the world go by from my cozy window, I also wish all other homeless furriends can be so fortunate. Yeah, I have it easy...because I have a Mum and Dad who loves me just as much as I love them! (and, you didn't here that statement from here?) Meow....

Miss Kitty-Kelly...


  1. It always makes us very happy to hear a story like yours, especially because it's a true story.

    You are a beautiful cat. You deserve all the love and care you are given, just as all cats do. Yes you are very fortunate!!

    Purrs and hugs from
    Peanut, Marshmallow, Ruby and Pearlene of course our Mama too

  2. Glad you found a loving home Miss Kitty. :)

  3. We are lucky to have someone who loves us and ensures that we are well. We wish all the cats got to have it as good as we are. Nosbuff

  4. All of us who have loving home should be thankful. There are so many out there who are not fortunate like us. Our parents are thankful to have us too.

  5. You are such a very lucky kitty with so much to be thankful for Miss Kitty.

  6. Oh Sweet little one, mom and I both love reading about your gratitude and the story of your dear life. Our momma's love us and care for us and like you, I too am very grateful my momma found me too. xoxox

  7. We are sooooooooo glad you found such a loving home. That is so terrific. It sure sounds like that Mom and Dad love you a lot and that is how it should be. Take care.

  8. We is all furry lucky Miss Kitty, 'cuz we's found our furever homes. We purr for all those kitties who are still waiting.

    Sasha, Sami & Saku

  9. That's a wonderful thing to say Miss Kitty. You sure look like you are loved a great deal, after having such a rough start as well! xx

  10. That was a very sweet post and we all have so much to be thankful for!


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