Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Saturday Everyone

From Miss Kitty and Family

                                         Click on pic to enlarge
And so does Little Jacob! He is Miss Kitty's nephew and Kitty stays hid under the bed from him. Jacob is a bit too rough with pulling her ears and tail. Kitty refused to come out to help with this post so, I am alone today! 
  Wishing you all a fantastic weekend! We will see you on Monday...we've never seen little Jacob nor spent any time with him...they live in PA and flew down just for the weekend! 


  1. Have a wonderful weekend with little Jacob!

    Hugs from Julia and family

  2. Miss Kitty, it's probably a good idea to stay under the bed when little Jacob is there. Happy Saturday to you!

  3. Misss Kitty I am sure Young Jacob means well! I am sure he is not well mean ! ;)

  4. We hope you have a purr-fect weekend with sweet Jacob! Thank you for your caring thoughts and kind words while we were going through the loss of Sherlock and Traveler. We miss them everyday, but are blessed by the friendship we recieved from pals like you xoxo


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