Thursday, May 2, 2013

Musings from Loretta's

Good Afternoon, 
  Yes, I thought I would take hold of my keyboard for a change. I'm not showing you a pic of my spoiled brat kicking and screaming bloody murder on the floor because of it. Oh, it is so embarrassing... Kitty get up... stop being a kitten!!! Meow meow....

Anyway, I've thought of this to no end...maybe you can help me with it:  "Do you think our cats are domesticating us...I mean, these scamps are so good at what they do...can they be this good?"... What do you think?

On Another Note: I've been baking again! I had a taste for it...Southern Pecan Pie....mmmmm! Oh it smells so good! Wish we had smell to our blogs... this would be a nice treat!

                                        Click on Pic to enlarge

  I love baking & cooking and this is one of my favorite recipes. Kitty is still having a fit so, I better go and try to calm her. Oh, I just heard a crash, Kitty.....


  1. It´s not a question it´s just how it is..we´re the boss in our home.
    Mum think that the pie look så good.Nosbuffar

  2. Oh yes, I feel certain that we are domesticating our humans. I am SO gad you are off that horrible Blogger+. THANK you.

    Meow xox

  3. whoops...did my comment take?

  4. I can imagine how good that smells! Oh, yes we are good at training humans!

  5. Never had a pecan pie!!

    Austin says can he join Miss Kitty in the hissy fit? DomestiCATing is what they do to us! lol

  6. How does the saying go, dogs have owners, cats have staff. My cats have trained me well.

    The pecan pie looks delicious!

  7. Great looking pie. Cat's rule, no question. :)

  8. Oh, thats looks nice ..I love pecan but have never eat a pie like yours I think its smell good..greetings,Joan

  9. Oh My that looks so yummy. We have our Person trained very nicely. Hope all of you have a super week end.


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