Tuesday, February 26, 2013

They Are Always At The Other


My cousin stopped by to visit last eve, and had Cookie, her canine companion with her. Lovey can't seem to get adjusted to larger doggies, (She's a tiny tot) and was instantly ready to get away. She came running to me to lift her up from the floor.  She was visibly shaken by our guest.

Kitty, I noticed, looked on from her vantage point. I just knew something was turning in that little devious mind of hers'. Finally after a bit of clearing her throat she said,

"Sheez...Get a grip girl...you would think a panther was on the floor with you!"

Note: None of us said a word about how Kitty flew up aff the floor the minute she saw the doggie! And she has the nerve to talk about Lovey!  Someday that cat will get hers' but good!


  1. Some doggies are a little bit scary, we like cats better :-).Nosbuff

  2. It's easy to talk when you're high up and safe from that doggie, Miss Kitty! :D

  3. Some doggies like cats very mutch!
    Our friend Aamor is a Shih Tzu boy and he has several kitties in the neighborhood who love him!
    Look at his blog and you will see!
    here is a link to look at how beloved he is by cats! This particular cat named Peggy.



  4. Lovey is cute
    Opale et Sonye

  5. Oh Miss Kitty, ya' gotta practice what ya' preach!!!

  6. You go girl! Good thing you had a bird's eye view of the situation Miss Kitty! (I'm a bit scared of woofies myself...)

  7. Miss Kitty, you talk the talk all right!!! ;)

  8. ohmyCAT, Lovey is ADORABLE!Cute, so cute, I love this picture!
    Luna - We love LUNA and hugs from mom Léia


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