Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mischief Again

Miss Kitty fleeing the scene...

Not a very good shot because she's running however, if you look closer you will see this is the bathroom.
  Kitty loves this room...I don't know if it's the room or, the different temptations that draws her to it. I always keep the door closed, but this day a friend forgot to close the door.
  Enters, "The Paw". Seemingly, she goes right to my powder and the puff. She takes the puff out and when she finishes, powder clouds the entire room before she's discovered.

  Me: "Oh, Kitty...not again...just look at this mess"! I cried.
Kitty: "Oops, gotta go!" She says, running for cover.
  I just didn't feel up to cleaning this mess...the bathroom was a disaster area. I closed the door and went back to bed, leaving this one for daddy to tackle. He will not be happy...

Hello Friends...I am still feeling under the weather. Hopefully I will get better soon so I can visit with you. I think Kitty needs to do so to keep her out of trouble. Have a Good Weekend!
Loretta & Kitty


  1. LOL! "Oops, gotta go." That kitty is having a ball! I hope you feel better soon, but take it easy and recover fully.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Kitty now you need to do all that when your Mummy gets better. :) Skipper

  3. Were you trying to be a Powder Puff Kitty?

  4. Kitty is doing a good job of keeping herself amused whilst you are ill. We hope you soon feel better.

  5. Now that Miss Kitty should know better, when you're mum is under the weather!! Hope you feel better soon. This bug of yours is really dragging on!!!!

  6. Perhaps that was Miss Kitty's way of diverting your attention so you would get up and attend to her!! Really hope you are better soon, Loretta x

  7. How could she resist a powder puff? We know we couldn't!


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