Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Kitty has been avoiding me since that horrid day, and rightly so! Please indulge me:
  With skills beyond what I thought were her capabilities... she arranged a social affair that rivaled any other! (See our previous post.) She was able to do so without our knowledge or, without having knowledge of making charges...or so we thought!
  One has to question... How did she do it? How was she able to arrange this affair without any help? One only can wonder...
I've always know she was gifted, however, this is absurd!
  I would like to say she learned by observing me daily but, this will be presumptuous, wouldn't it?  I wonder...!    

   With this being said... Miss Kitty's wait is over. Listen in...

Me: " What do you have to say for yourself young lady?"

Kitty: "Mummy...Mum...uh... I am a victim of circumstances... I lonesome for you mummy! sniff-sniff . I don't have play with you anymore..."  

Me: "I know baby...mummy has been ill with this flu and just didn't feel well...you know...tummy sick, head hurt, fever (hot)...do you understand? When mum feels better she will play with Miss Kitty."

Kitty: "Now mummy...now!" 
Me: "Tell you what, come get in bed with me for now and I'll read that story you like about blind mice. Would you like that?"

Kitty: "I sorry Mummy! I didn't know...."

Me: "Yeah I know...but...you will be grounded indefinitely! No more friends here, parties and going outside without me! You are getting off easy...you know...! And Kitty, I want all my charge cards back now! 

Miss Kitty: "WHAT? Mummy...NO!"
Me: "Kitty!"
Miss Kitty: "Just swell...my gravy train just derailed!..."  

Note: Me: After her tearful explaination, what was in my heart to do with her, was easier!...I know...she did it to me again!
Have you noticed...she always get the last word...sometimes I think... I'm the 'victim of circumstances'.


  1. Well when the Moms are distracted what are we to do but play.

  2. That looked like one fun party Miss Kitty. We hope your mom is all better now and spending lots of time with you. hugs and nose kisses

  3. Miss Kitty all I can say is if she will take to her bed, what does she expect? ;) >^,.^<

  4. We hope your Mom is better soon so you can play, play, play with her again.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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