Monday, March 3, 2014

Good Evening Everyone

  Miss Kitty with you today...have you missed me? 
Well, I tell you...I have missed you too! It is almost impossible for me to get near the keyboard when my sisters almost come to blows over it daily...meow. 
Instead of going through their drama, (Mum's words) she will not allow either to have the keyboard. (Do you have to act lady-like to do so? to me too!)
 Good news for us (Purrs)...Mum got out of bed today showered and dressed! She told us she'd had was time to buck-up!         Oh no...we have to hurry and clear away toys then, hid other things under the bed! Ino staged a food fight with kibble last is everywhere!

  The curtains are torn, the blinds are askew, paper shredded... our room is a mess! We can't possibly get it done before she comes in... Hurry! 

  "Izzy get back there and guard the door!" M Kitty.
 "Meow, shut up don't tell us what to do!" Izzy. Miss Kitty still clearing away things ignored Izzy for the moment.
"But, I do!" Ino said. "Now get back to that door and pull your load...lazy butt!"
  "I'm telling Mum..two against one, no fair!" Ino.

Mum listening in: "There is no doubt about it, I have missed my girls!" 
 Hello... and, I have missed you all too!
Have a Great Evening...and if all goes well, I will be back Tuesday...

Big Hugs & Lots of Purrs,
Loretta & The Girls



  1. Welcome back. We hope your Mom feels better. We know it's a lot to deal with.

  2. meowloz two ewe miss kitty...hope all bee well...tell yur mum ta take her time doin ...stuff or anything.....glad everee one had fun with de curtins !!! ~~~~~~

  3. Nice to see you again Miss Kitty :)

  4. Good luck with the clean up crew! We have missed you Miss Kitty!

  5. plaisir de vous lire, ronrons Miss Kitty,
    Opale et Sonye

  6. We're glad to hear your Mom is feeling better. We've been thinking of her and your family. We have missed hearing from you!

  7. Welcome back, dear friends. We have missed you all, indeed.

  8. bean needs to give you more notice when she is getting out of bed so you'll have time to do a proper clean up. MOL

    We hopes mom is feeling better!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Have fun with the tidying up!
    Hope Mom is doing better now

  10. Hello Kitty. We've missed you. So glad to hear your mum is back up and at it. Give her a hug from me. Hope you were able to get that room cleaned up.

  11. its good to here you are feeling better mum,xx Speedy


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