Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Grand-Fur-Babies

Good Saturday Morning...

  Mum and Dad went to shop...what's that? I with Lovey and Mandy..I want to sent post to you and show you what's coming to my house...mum has 3 grand-fur baby's that we will see soon.

Here its Slick and Domino...mancats! They are my peep brothers' name Jason...

Him like window too, but I not allow him at mine!

My brother Jason say they sleep together and sleep a lot

This one is Tucker...mancat too and hiss all time... He like outside until other mancat beat him up bad... brother Jason had to run to pet hospital with he. Him almost went to Rainbow Bridge 2 times!!

Look how him take all space in floor. I not like...this Miss Kitty house!
Mum says no worry they may stay hidden the entire time they are here! She say they in new house and will be a little shy at first. I wish they go back to Penns-syl-vania... whatever! 

 Do you think they will be shy or, will they try take over Miss Kitty house? I no like if they try to take over. If him try I make Lovey and Amanda protect Miss Kitty!


  1. Don't worry, Miss Kitty. We're sure Mom won't let the boys take over your house. :)

  2. I think you will all have fun!

  3. Oh Honey, it will be alright and I know you feel badly for all they have gone thru. But I understand.

  4. uh oh...introoder cats in YOUR house?!?!? We have our paws crossed you all have a grand time together.

    1. YES!!! Introoders... Miss Kitty not like!!!

  5. What a handsome group of Tuxies. And Tucker is one fine looking Ginger. Miss Kitty you are so lucky to have so many visitors. We know you will all have fun playing together.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

    1. Mum says Thank you...but, Miss Kitty not like...AT ALL!!!

  6. beautiful cats:)
    Don't worry Miss Kitty :) Everything will be ok :)


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