Thursday, November 7, 2013

Boy She Sure Taught Me A Lesson

  Kitty's cat fits have started again...they usually start with jumping...this gives me time to run ahead trying to move breakables and to duck and dodge!
  Imagine my surprise when I finished and she was standing there looking at me as if I was the idiot .. Geesh!  
  Maybe next time I'll wait to see what she has in mind. The girl is not insane by any means...the little smartypants is just a... mighty good actress...!!


  1. Oh Miss Kitty, be nice to your Mum. :)

  2. Hi Miss Kitty,
    It's nice to visi with you again. Our poor OLD mama doesn't seem to find the time to blog as much as we used too.
    Be good to your Mom. We hope she doesn't fall ever again. We hope her foot is better now.

    When Mama fell and broke her wrist a few years ago, Ruby thought it was her fault and lived under the bed for awhile.

    Peanut & Marshmallow

  3. HA! We are always playing trip the human here and we are very good at running in front of the feet at just the right moment!

  4. Oh Miss Kitty you are just a girl who changes her mind!

  5. Cats sure do have minds of their own and so typical to think we're the odd ones, lol. Thanks for visiting Loretta:-)


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