Saturday, October 26, 2013

Miss Kitty Needs Help

To My Friends...I so sorry mommy can't be with you like always. I so sad she walks with awful contraption that makes her pain. She always say it hurts so bad. 
  Miss Kitty feels so sad mommy is hurting. I not know she would fall...I push over my post cause she moved it running that moving light and noise-maker on the floor that she says is cleaning the floor, but that seems to be debatable. 
  I not want her to fall I try to move it back to window! Tell Miss Kitty, what can I do for mommy? I try stay away so she not fall again. She calls me to come see her but I not want to see her fall again! Tell me friends what can I do?
This confuse Miss Kitty I can't eat or sleep and I not window watch anymore! I need help Miss Kitty...?


  1. Miss gotta remember that peeps are so fragile! Not at all sturdy like us cats. Maybe if your Mom would rustle a bag of treats you could mosey over to see her and it would all be OK.

  2. Miss Kitty, you should go lay on your Mommy. That way there is no way she can fall and your purrs will help your Mommy heal faster. :)

  3. belle Miss Kitty, viens auprès de Mommy.
    ronrons d'Opale et Sonye

  4. Poor Miss kitty, but you must try, New things are always scary but with practice you can get used to it. Go visit your Mom and you will both be happier. hugs to Mom from all of us...and to you too miss Kitty.

  5. Oh, Miss Kitty, it wasn't your fault! You didn't mean to make her trip. Peeps get sad if you don't spend time when them, even if they confuse you or make you afraid. Even Ashton, who is often afraid of everyone, has learned to give the head peep some cuddle time to keep her from getting sad. You should try it, too. Maybe your peep could give you some treats to get you to come near and show you that it's all right until you reestablish your routine and get past your own fear again.


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