Monday, October 28, 2013

I Apologize...

Dear Friends, unknown to me our blog was targeted with the most unsavory pictures! I am so very sorry! If you had the misfortune to see them we apologize profusely! My girls were updating my friends invites and request, somehow this  blog's title which was very misleading must have slipped by them. Please please please accept my humble apology for this awful mistake.  Please be assured we will be extra careful in the future!


  1. Don't worry these things happen so long as your blog is ok. Hugs GJ x

  2. We didn't see anything, but we do send hugs to youand Miss Kitty.

  3. We didn't see anything, but we are glad things are all right. Purrs to you and Miss Kitty, too!

  4. I didn't see any pictures, but did get the message that the blog was private and I wasn't on the invited list.

    Glad to see you back, hope your foot is healing quickly and Miss Kitty is feeling a little less sad.

    Take care!

  5. I was concerned as when I clicked on your blog link, it said it was by invitation only and I couldn't access! I hope everything is sorted now! xx


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